Friday, November 29, 2013

Robotics Update: Coming Up on the Finish!

Can you believe that we're already near the end of the first session of our After School robotics program?  It's been a whirlwind of a time, that's for sure, but we have just two weeks to go!  After that, we'll be taking some time off, but we'll return with another session in 2014!  Here are some other important updates:

1. We just received four more robotics kits from the Perloffs!  That brings our total up to 10.  I currently have money to purchase two more, but that still leaves us well short of our program goals.  I need somewhere around 20-22 for this year, so if you know anyone who might be interested in contributing to our program, please let them know that they can contact me by email at

2. The last two weekly sessions will be this coming Wednesday, December 4th, and the following Wednesday, December 11th, after school.  In addition, I have decided to offer a Saturday finale extravaganza on December 14th.  We'll have lots to do on that Saturday, including disassembling the robotics kits and doing an inventory.  There will be a pizza party as well!  I am tentatively scheduling this from 3-6 pm, but will have more info later.

3. Though my original plan was to begin the second session of robotics on January 8th, I have decided to push this back a couple of weeks.  We will begin instead on January 23rd, ending on March 20th.  Also, we will be meeting on Thursday for this session instead of Wednesday.

I certainly have learned a lot from this first session of robotics, and I will need the extra time to put all of that learning to work in the second session.  Stay tuned!

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