Monday, December 9, 2013

Hour of Code Update: A Week Full of Programming!

I am so glad that I wrote my first post about the Hour of Code and got it out to social media!  After doing so, I heard back from some teacher friends on Facebook asking about the Hour of Code and whether they can participate.  Fast forward to this week, and I now have six classrooms taking part!  The most exciting part for me is that many of these classrooms will be taking part in multiple sessions, so we'll even be having some Two Hours of Code!  This week is going to be super busy with my usual routine combined with HoC activities, but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what comes of everything.  This week (and next) I will be working with:

Two Kindergarten classes, one at Searsport Elementary School and one at East Belfast;
First grade at East Belfast;
Second grade at Nickerson;
Third grade at East Belfast; and
Fifth grade at Nickerson.

I will try to post pictures and links about our activities later on in the week!

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