Friday, January 31, 2014

A Very Silly Thursday in Robotics!

Today's robotics session began with a very special guest!  We were joined by Rusty Emmerton, who volunteers in RSU #20 schools teaching archery and life skills to students of all ages, to talk about his robotic arm.  As I continue with robotics I would like to try to bring in different people and different examples and applications of robotics.  I met Rusty for the first time after robotics last week, and I knew right then that I had to bring him in.  The students had all kinds of questions about how his arm worked, and I also liked that he talked about overcoming the challenges with losing his arm and not letting any disability stop him from doing what he loves to do.

After Rusty's presentation, it was time to return to the robots we started building last time.  Groups that had not finished their robots were able to get those built, and many groups set out adding sensors to their robots.  Others began programming their robots to do various things.  One group in particular set out a challenge that I wasn't planning on unveiling until later:  programming a robot that would get from the art room, where we do robotics, to the principal's office on the opposite side of the school.  In all, it was a very crazy afternoon, yet most groups were able to get quite a bit done.

Then, things got very silly.  Need proof?

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