Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hour of Code is Back!

One of greatest and most fun projects I participated in last year was the Hour of Code.  The Hour of Code, part of Computer Science Education Week, encourages teachers and students to spend (at least) an hour learning about computer science.  The reasons are obvious:  at a time where computer science is in greater and greater demand in the job market, an alarmingly few number of schools include it in their curriculum.  Hour of Code was designed to pique the curiosity of students everywhere, and then help them access resources to help them learn how to code, whether at school or at home.

Last year, I did the Hour of Code with teachers and students from 6 different classrooms across my four schools.  They joined the nearly 20 million students from across the globe who participated!  Their goal this year is to reach over 100 participants, and I hope that even more of my classrooms will help contribute to that number!

At the elementary level, my colleague Mrs. Hayslip and I created a page with links to the various Hour of Code activities we will be working with on the RSU #20 Elementary Libraries page.  The best part about Hour of Code activities is that there is no experience required for teachers; activities are provided online, and tutorials are baked right into the activities.  And, for classrooms with less access to technology, they even have activities that don't require computers or Internet access!  I am looking forward to bringing this opportunity back to my classrooms again this year!

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