Monday, March 14, 2016

Robotics Club Update: When Mother Nature Gets in the Way

The downside of doing an after school robotics club in the winter is that we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. That was certainly the case last week, when all after school activities were cancelled, including robotics club. When possible, I try to make up after school sessions that are lost to inclement weather. I also try to extend time beyond the original program window if students are close to being finished with a project that I find would be worth seeing through to the end. However, it is not always possible to make up sessions during the week, and so I have in the past held sessions on Saturdays for whoever is able to attend. Attendance at make up sessions is NOT required, and I understand that many students are not able to attend. However, I always believe in providing the maximum opportunities for as many students as I can, whether it be in robotics or anything else.

Looking at my calendar, we have about four weeks left of robotics camp, which ends on April 11th. Between the standardized test window opening, robotics competitions with the Viking Landers, and other obligations, it does not appear that any makeups can be scheduled for a weekday prior to April break. In addition, I have obligations every weekend leading up to break as well, so in all likelihood any makeups that I schedule will be done after April break. Stay tuned.

Speaking on weekend commitments, there is one coming up this weekend and your child is invited! Cub Scout Pack 235 is once again hosting the Waldo District Pinewood Derby this Saturday, March 19th, at the Stockton Springs Elementary School. While the event begins at 1:00, registration and check in begin at 11:30, and that’s a ripe time for demonstrating LEGO robotics to the many people that will be in attendance. I was invited last year to bring some LEGO robots to show and had a blast doing it, and I’m very excited that we have been invited to do it again this year. So, if any after school robotics students are interested in showing off their robots and what they can do with them, please contact me by email ( or by phone at the school (548-2317) to let me know. I would love to bring robots with me, but not if nobody is going to be there!

Keep calm and build robots!

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